The importance of the location during a wedding ceremony

When organizing your wedding, one of the most important and difficult decision to make is about the location. Also considering the fact that defines the style you want to give to your wedding. In order to know more about marriage in memphis, you may always take the help of the internet. Before facing the difficult choice, you must consider at least three practical aspects : the month in which you will marry, the number of guests and the budget available. In the first case, gardens and farms are not recommended in seasons like autumn where the weather is unstable. In the second case, the guest list forces you to take into account the spaces. An excessively large environment would be dispersive and the atmosphere would be cold, vice versa if it were too small you would have the unpleasant feeling of suffocation. Finally, the expense you expect to make will necessarily lead you to exclude some locations or possibly to look for alternatives that are refined and pleasant, though less expensive.

First you have to decide if you want a traditional or rural wedding

If you prefer chic or more familiar ceremonies the most coveted regions, above all by foreigners, are Veneto, Tuscany and Lake Como. As we said, the number of guests is decisive. If the guest list is reduced, villas and private properties are perfect. Otherwise there are larger venues and reception rooms set up to accommodate a large number of people. Before signing the contract, make an inspection. Find out if there are time limits (e.g. for music), if you have exclusive spaces, if parking is adequate. Consider, if you have elderly guests or children, if there are adequate facilities to accommodate them and what are the hygienic services. Even the menu you intend to serve should be tried. Make sure of the quality of the catering or kitchen that will take care of your wedding party. The raw material of your dishes must be excellent.

Choosing the time of the day or the night for the wedding is also very important

Another aspect to take into consideration is the time of receipt. Daytime weddings are perfect for a quiet and formal party. Those in the evening are more elegant and require a more picturesque set up. Remember to choose wedding favors and decorations according to the type of wedding you want. So avoid sunflowers if you get married in the evening. Even the music must be in tone. If your guests are exuberant, you can decide for a dancing party and karaoke. Otherwise, a more sophisticated jazz band is better. Finally, it is important not to neglect some details that seem secondary but instead go to complete the harmony of the party. Choose a place that is not inaccessible or too far. If not, make sure that all the guests can reach the party venue by arranging shuttles and organizing accommodation for those who have to stay out.

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